Off-Site Meetings, Meeting Space, Board Meetings

The Versatility of Our SoHo Corporate Spaces for Rent

Venues like those provided by The Lofts at Prince offer a unique advantage over traditional conference rooms or hotel ballrooms. Our spaces are designed with flexibility in mind—meaning we can equip, accessorize, and even decorate each venue to perfectly match the requirements of your event. An off-site business meeting might benefit from a clean, professional arrangement, while a company banquet could be enhanced by a more decorative and festive setup. The ambiance of our spaces and our expertise in providing the proper look and feel makes any of our three venues far more engaging and stylish than a standard corporate setting.

Amenities and Services

Off-site venues dedicated to events often provide a wider range of amenities than what businesses typically have in-house. That’s why we include high-quality audio-visual equipment for presentations or speeches, adjustable lighting to control the mood, and even catering options or partnerships with local food vendors. We also offer complete setup, breakdown, tables, chairs, Wi-Fi, and complimentary water, coffee, and tea, allowing your team to focus on the event itself rather than the logistics.

Spaces That Offer Privacy and Foster Focus

Choosing an off-site venue like The Lofts at Prince allows you to step away from the daily bustle of the office. This separation can help attendees of business meetings and board meetings have more focused discussions without the distractions of their usual work environment. For banquets or awards ceremonies, an off-site location creates a sense of occasion, making the event feel more special and helping employees feel appreciated and celebrated.

Choosing an off-site location like The Lofts at Prince lets you break free from the distractions of the everyday office environment, which allows for a more dedicated focus on important meetings, strategy sessions, or celebrations. The ambiance of our spaces offers engagement and inspiration, and easier facilitation of productive discussions that can foster a greater sense of camaraderie among colleagues.

Our venues can be modified to create an atmosphere conducive to work or celebration. With multiple meeting spaces available, we can accommodate everything from intimate board meetings to large-scale award ceremonies. Our sophisticated, historic settings create a memorable backdrop for your important company events, lending them an air of prestige and occasion that elevates your event. Contact us today to book your off-site meeting space.