Team Building & Workshops

Adaptability Is Key

The Lofts at Prince offers three distinctive event rental spaces, making each a perfect venue for specific team-building and workshop needs. Our larger Penthouse Six, with its spacious layout and rooftop deck, accommodates active, collaborative team-building exercises on a large scale. For smaller activities, the intimate Suite 500 provides a distraction-free environment for focused strategy sessions and targeted skill-building workshops within smaller teams.

Setting the Stage for Success

The blank-canvas appeal of our Soho Loft, with its ample wall space and natural lighting, offers a unique backdrop for creative team-building and collaboration activities. The wall space is ideal for brainstorming sessions, interactive project displays, or to showcase visual aids during a team-building event. The mix of settings at The Lofts at Prince allows organizers to customize the environment to match the specific goals of their workshop or team-building activities. We set it all up, and you make the magic happen, and then we’ll do all the breakdown and cleanup so you can concentrate on your event.

Amenities and Atmosphere for Connection

The rental of our SoHo corporate spaces includes essentials like projectors, whiteboards, reliable Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating— everything you need to support a smooth flow of team-building activities or workshop sessions. The rooftop deck above Penthouse Six as a break area provides a refreshing change of pace, and invites team bonding and informal interactions, which are often just as important for team dynamics as the structured events. The overall ambiance of our stylish SoHo event spaces provides an experience that transcends the norm, giving your workshops and team-building events a special and distinct feel. Get in touch with us today to learn more and book your meeting space.